Serverless for Redis™

Same underlying engine, better model. Focus on your code, not maintaining your Redis cluster. Pay only for what you use and not a cent more

No credit card required. Perpetual ~40 MB free tier, prototype commitment free

What's the difference?

Pay only for what you use

Set your memory limit as high as you like, we charge for the memory you actually end up using not for the limit set

Distributed Redundancy

All ours regions are distributed across multiple availability zones, with data regularly flushed to disk to ensure both availability and reliability

TLS included standard

Security is paramount to both businesses and consumers alike, we support TLS as a standard feature with no seperate charge or need to manually enable it

A serverless approach to memory

With our serverless model, there is no performance penalty for raising your memory limit and you only pay for the memory you actually use

Single digit latency

We have single digit latency to all major cloud providers

AWS / us-east-1 1.406 ms
Azure / East US 1.339 ms
GCP / us-east4 1.914 ms

How do I use it?

Step 1: Sign up

We support numerous social sign in providers

Sign Up

Step 2: Create an API key

API keys are how you connect to Thiicket using your existing Redis client. You can set a memory limit and an eviction policy if it's hit. You're only charged for keys stored, not memory limit, the limit is to prevent run-away clients


Step 3: Connect

Update your existing code to point to and use your API key as the password. That's it, you're now serverless!